Help fund local events promoting law and justice

This funding helps to support many regional activities and events. Grants will be allocated to provide financial assistance for regional activities that are hosting an event designed to provide greater awareness about “Law and Justice in Your Community”. 


To be eligible for a grant, you will need to demonstrate: 


  • how your activity supports the theme and objective/s of Law and Justice in your community.

  • how your activity is relevant to any of the target groups identified above.

  • who your target audience for the event is.

  • why you believe your target audience will benefit from the event.

  • that your activity is taking place in NSW.


Please note: no advertising costs will be funded through the grants program. If you would like to hold an  event in a state or territory other than NSW please contact the relevant Law Society.


  • Grants are limited to a maximum of $1000 (inclusive of GST).

  • Grant applications must be submitted by 30 April 2020. 

  • Grants will be assessed on the information provided within the online application form.

  • Activities funded by grants may be held anytime between May 18 to December 1.

  • Your organisation will be notified of the outcome of your application as soon as possible. 

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